Jakob Buchanan

  1. Release concert in the Cathedral of Aarhus

    250 people showed up to the Buchanan requiem release concert in the Cathedral of Aarhus. I would like to thank everybody involved and I’m very great full for all the Love and Support from colleagues, friends and family. Jakob

  2. All requiem Crowd funders will receive there music in late september.

    Requiem Cd’s should arrive in August and the Vinyl’s in september. All crowd funders will receive an email later in july about when to expect to receive there music.   All the best Jakob Buchanan

  3. Pauseland

    1) New Pauseland album “At the End of the Day” Release. 7. april. Available on download, streaming and CD (elegant digipack med prægning – White Album, go home!). 2) Tour  15. april kl. 21.00 på Atlas i Aarhus 16. april kl. 20.00 på Giant Steps (Arne B) i Svendborg 17. april kl. 20.00 på Kvarterhuset Amagerbro, København S[…]

  4. The Crowdfunding Campaign is rolling

    I´m trying to fund some of the Requiem expenses on the Danish crowdfundingsite Let’s see what happens! please share it if you feel like it.

  5. Roughmix-Teasers from the recording of “Buchanan Rekviem 2012” click here

    1st. Movement 2nd. Movement  3rd. Movement 4th. Movement 5th. Movement 6th. Movement 7th. Movement 8th. Movement 9th. Movement

  6. 5 star Gaffa review

      Forrygende flot album af jazzkomponisten og –trompetisten Buchanan og hans sidemen I 2010 udgav Jakob Buchanan med sin kvartet det roste album I Land in The Green Land. Nu er han her (heldigvis) igen, med sin kvartet og et nyt album,Some People & Some Places, men også med en anden[…]

  7. Jazznyt Review

    (Photo Per Bergmann) Jakob Buchanan Quartet: Some People & Some Places Han er en af vore helt store jazzmusikere! Trompetisten Jakob Buchanan gør måske ikke det store væsen af sig i en større offentlighed. Det er også helt fint med mig. Så længe jazzlyttere med ørerne skruet rigtigt på, bruger[…]

  8. All About Jazz Review

    (Photo Per Bergmann) Music is invisible. Notes can’t be seen as they flow from the instrument and into the ether and yet, as intangible as music is, it is also able to create portraits that embody some of the elusiveness of the past. Danish trumpeter Jakob Buchanan possesses the unique[…]

  9. Release Concert w Jakob Buchanan Quartet

    Release Concert w. Jakob Buchanan Quartet on the 4th. of march in the  Musikhuset Aarhus  4.15 pm-5.00 pm

  10. The recording of Buchanans Requiem

    The Recording of Jakob Buchanans  Reqiem for Jazz Quartet, Jazz Orchestra and Choir in the Symphonic hall of Musikhuset Aarhus,  will take place on the 6th. og 7th of march. featuring: Jakob Buchanan /Jakob Bro/Jonas Westergaard/Marilyn Mazur + Aarhus Jazzorchestra + Aarhus Domkantori and vocalist Indra Rios Moor. Conducted by Carsten[…]